1990's -> India developing country,
2000's -> India developing country,
2010's -> India developing country, 
When it will become "Developed Country" ? 
To become a developed Country every single aspect of our country should be in a proper way. 
Especially "Wastes & Waste Management". 
It's all about the process involved in starting stage of collecting wastes i.e solid, liquid, gaseous etc, to its disposal stage.!

120cr+ populated country is our India if the 1 person releases 100g waste per day then think how much the waste product produced per day? 

Without proper managing of these wastes, it will be a huge burden to everyone's life in our country. That can affect our health, our living surroundings, nature, moreover our future generations. 

We woke up in the mornings & we clean our clothes & etc.  we are take caring for our own self-right? 

Then why don't our country? Our India? 

Yes, that's why we are here at CleanIT w…
Where does it go?
The most important reason for waste management is the protection of our environment and the health of our population. In India, 70% of total plastic consumption is discarded as waste and around 62 million tonnes per annum of plastic waste is generated.

According to the survey, only 15% of urban waste is processed in our country. Our waste collection rates need to be improved to avoid illegal dumping, burning of waste in streets and on unoccupied lands.

Our waste should be collected, transported, treated and then disposed of properly hence we at Clean IT provide environment-friendly solutions for waste management in order to build a healthy, pollution-free Indian society.
The Need?

Had Rakesh Sharma been into space at present, he probably would have changed his quote, used to describe India, from "Sare Jahan Se Acha" to "Sare Jahan Se Ganda".

According to a report released in 2016 by the Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, an average Indian generates about 450 grams of waste per day. A loophole in their management deteriorates our environment, forests and the climate gives birth to acute diseases, also keeping the death tolls at a rise. 

We at Clean IT help shift the focus of the population from good camera quality of phones to a picture ready image of a clean India.