1990's -> India developing country,
2000's -> India developing country,
2010's -> India developing country, 
When it will become "Developed Country" ? 
To become a developed Country every single aspect of our country should be in a proper way. 
Especially "Wastes & Waste Management". 
It's all about the process involved in starting stage of collecting wastes i.e solid, liquid, gaseous etc, to its disposal stage.!

120cr+ populated country is our India if the 1 person releases 100g waste per day then think how much the waste product produced per day? 

Without proper managing of these wastes, it will be a huge burden to everyone's life in our country. That can affect our health, our living surroundings, nature, moreover our future generations. 

We woke up in the mornings & we clean our clothes & etc.  we are take caring for our own self-right? 

Then why don't our country? Our India? 

Yes, that's why we are here at CleanIT we will provide all-around awareness about these Wastes to everyone & also we will be a part to cleaning & managing our surroundings first in a proper & correct way. Because 

"Change starts from one step" That's our Motto. 


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